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    We are always on the lookout for smart, fun, experienced and slightly crazy people to keep Flying Ruby flying…reach out if you would like to collaborate with or join the team......


      Flying Ruby (n) a racehorse we won money on to start Flying Ruby Events – we do not endorse gambling…. ok yes we do…

      Flying (v) Constantly moving and evolving, on the fly

      Ruby (n) a little hidden gem that sparkles in the crowd

      Frubyfied (adj) you love working with us and come back for more, you’ve been Frubyfied

      OHD (v) Obsessive highlighter disorder – very present in our office

      Frubarians (noun) the team, the posse, past and present – lifetime status applied

      Schedulmania (adj) The abnormal love affair we have with producing detailed runsheets

      Flying Beauty (n) The name we are mistakenly referred to as, we are taking it as a compliment and will leave it there…

      Flying Rugby (n) The name we are mistakenly referred to as, when we start the sporting arm of the business, we will be ready #unlikely

      Prison food (adj) The chilli tuna and rice combination we often whip up in the FRUBY kitchen during busy deadlines