Pampelle Spritz Bar

Festival Activation at So Frenchy So Chic - Melbourne

Picture the scene… It’s a beautifully sunny Sunday in Melbourne. The sky is a bright blue and the grass beneath your feet is a shade of green so vibrant it dazzles. In the distance, you see the magnificent Werribee Mansion, and the air is heavy with the sweet smell of crème brûlée and the sound of hypnotic French music. Are you in Paris or Provence? Non mon ami, you’re at So Frenchy So Chic, the one-day music festival that’s been delivering joie de vivre to its legion of fans for 10 years.

We were there with Pampelle, the ruby red grapefruit aperitif crafted in France, to create a French-flavoured activation held in Melbourne. From the hugely successful braid bar to the styled photo walls, menus, cocktails, the production of signage and staff aprons, and the bump-in and out, we managed the activation, within this incredible festival, end to end. To read the full story about this amazing event, click HERE.